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Reinforce Your Anchor of Greatness and Get the Winning Edge

Learn and apply new tools, techniques, build and strengthen the mind-body connection and accelerate past what’s holding you back.

  • If you could have less of something and more of something else, what would it be?  

  • Do you maximize your efforts and still aren’t achieving your goals?

    ASPIRE WINNING EDGE will get you there.


  • Reduce fears

  • Decrease anxiety

  • Create more energy

  • Knock out status quo

  • Sleep better and longer

  • Set and accomplish goals

  • Change burnout to enjoyment

  • Perform with more confidence

  • Increase and sustain motivation

  • Recover from injuries faster & straonger

  • Create stronger focus and concentration

  • Deactivate physiological responses

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Have you experienced or have:

  • Job burn out?

  • Anger or frustration on the job?

  • A feeling of anxiety, on or off duty?

  • Do you bring stress from the job home?

  • The effects and symptoms of PTS or PTSD?

  • Wanting to do well on a promotional exam?

  • The constant feeling of being tired or fatigued?

  • An injury or trauma that isn’t healing fast enough?

  • A decline in motivation or relationship conflicts?

  • A desire to exercise, but no motivation or energy?

  • Experiencing apprehension about transition into retirement?

    Want to sleep better, have more energy, not be angry, frustrated, fed up or not doing something you want because something is in your way? Or, simply want to move past something that has been holding you back?  



Disassociating from trauma on the job, and off, is a way of career survival. Incidents are forgotten, pushed aside, ignored and believed they have no effect.. then we wonder why we are angry, frustrated, why relationships change, we can’t sleep, we experience job burnout or we are suddenly triggered. Aspire Winning Edge will help you:

  • Fall asleep faster

  • Tobacco cessation

  • Stay asleep longer

  • Feel more energetic

  • Plan career transition

  • Set & Accomplish Goals

  • Strengthen relationships

  • Knock out anger, frustration, job burn-out

  • Build a balanced autonomic nervous system


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What would it feel like to:

  • Have more confidence?

  • Achieve goals successfully?

  • Perform in your flow state?

  • Increase Mind-Emotion Energy?

  • Reach the next level of performance?

  • Overcome and prevent performance ruts?

  • Perform more consistently and effectively?

  • Knock out fear, anxiety, or nerves affecting your play?

  • Recover from a sport injury trauma without the fear of re-injury?

  • Have resources and tools to enhance performance?

    Overcome what's stopping you! Reclaim your performance now!


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An injury to the body is an injury to the mind. What’s in the mind is in the body and what’s in the body is in the mind. Injuries to the body heal, but unless we heal (process out) where we hold them in our mind, the injury will still remain and effect performance by impacting our bodies physiology.

After an injury, including a concussion, the brain instinctively engages in muscle guarding (the tensing of muscles) to protect the body from experiencing re-injury. This tension prohibits the athlete from engaging in full use of the muscle. By processing the injuries and concussions out of the mind and body, with Brainspotting, the stored cortisol and muscle guarding is deactivated and allows healing to take place and performance to be restored, to include the fear of re-injury. After a concussion or injury, the sooner processing takes place, the faster the mind and body are restored to homeostasis. More information on concussions can be found on the Concussion Legacy Foundation website.

Nothing will work unless you do.
— Maya Angelou